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About this whole thing... 

Hello! This summer I am giving FREE group guitar lessons for kids in our community, beautiful Faribault. I’m hoping to give back to the community that has given so much to me.


I will be offering two free group lessons for the age groups of k-4th grade & 5th-9th grade. I want to keep class sizes around 15 and I am willing to offer additional classes should there be  enough interest. All I request is an RSVP! Classes will be held third Monday nights on the second floor of the Fleckenstein building downtown Faribault in the Stroh & Co. Studio space. Group lessons will be 45 minutes long starting with tune up-time. A parent/guardian will be required to stay (please bring your own lawn chair to sit in). If interested, please make sure you add your email to the sign up list to get an invite to the class! Last minute walk-ins could be welcomed if we have room.


These intro to guitar lessons are designed to help kids explore and learn about their guitar, learn a few basic chords and maybe a song or two! Students will learn something new if they come to each class, but consecutive attendance will not be required. The goal is to get kids excited about music and interested in learning more. 


About me.. I am self taught via Youtube. Through my own experience and from teaching others, I have found that with a little outside help, anyone can learn to play on their own - IF they have the desire to. I want to be someone who cultivates that desire in the kids of our community.  In elementary school I took several years of piano lessons which I have found to be incredibly helpful when it comes to understanding music theory and teaching myself guitar. I’ve now been consistently playing guitar for almost 15 years! I believe that with a little bit of encouragement and a few basic lessons, anyone can learn the bulk of what they need to know about playing guitar online.. But I will say that having a person in front you to start out can be really helpful. And that is what I would like to offer here.


My hope is that families will not have to already own a guitar to participate.12 guitars have been donated for these group lessons! And Dave Miller at The Music Mart is donating his time to get the guitars ready for the kids. Some have donated strings, picks, capos and cash for whatever the guitars need! Donated guitars will be loaned to kids who need one for the class and guitars in good shape will ultimately be gifted to kids who are committed to learning more! It has been amazing to watch our community come together for this. Faribault is a great place to be. 


My first guitar was loaned to me when I was in 8th grade.. And then one year on Christmas morning a very lightly used new-to-me guitar showed up at my doorstep with an anonymous note that read, “Thought you could use this more than me” and to this day my parents swear it wasn’t them!! One of my many reasons for wanting to “pay it forward” to our community..


If you are interested in partnering with me, there are a few things that would come in handy:

Do you have a dusty guitar sitting somewhere in your home waiting for it’s second (3rd or 4rth) life? I would love to take her off your hands and to Dave Miller at The Music Mart to give her the tune up she deserves to be ready for students who are in need of a guitar! Donated guitars will be loaned out to kids trying out guitar for the first time and then gifted to kids (on your behalf) who are interested in committing to learning on their own or with a teacher.

I am also looking for any tuners, strings or other guitar things you may have lying around!

If you would like to sponsor guitar strings and things, I’ll get your contact and reachout when I have a receipt I can share with you.




Here is a link that will direct you to the “I want my kid to do this!!” email list where you will receive a link to RSVP. It will also take  you to the  “I want to partner via my unused guitar/sponsor a tune-up” email list. I will get in touch with you and we can connect over what you would like to do. 

“Takes a village”..right? I’ve got 4 kids and I know this to be true! 


Here is a sample my original music, incase you were curious to hear :) 

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